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ASSK serves as an outreach tool for Actuarial science students

to our members, enhance cordial relations between students and industry

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Our special Team

Abraham Kemei


He is a fourth year student at Karatina University pursuing Bachelor`s Degree in Actuarial Science and currently serving in ASSK as the Chairperson having previously served as Deputy Organizing Secretary. Read more

Laura Indimuli

Vice Chairperson

Everything has a season, I believe I have been given an opportunity to not only serve actuarial student in Kenya but to inspire them to live to their full potential. Read more

Caspar Akali


Caspar Akali is a third year Actuarial Science Student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). Read more

Loice Moraa

Secretary General

Leaders should lead by example, not because it is the best way to lead, but because it is the only way to lead is what I live by as I serve in the position of a Secretary General in ASSK executive council. Read more


Amos Kirigwi 2015-06-12


Who is a quant? It is sad that most people, especially in the developing world, do not even know that such a job exists. Oblivious to the fact that in the next 10 – 15 years, quants will be at the very centerpiece of investment banking.

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Future of Insurance in East Africa.

The future of insurance in East Africa will be geared towards the mass-market. This will be assisted by new & emerging technologies that are making it increasingly feasible while maintaining profitability.

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Learning from the Greece crisis

Greece became the first developed country to default on an International Monetary Fund loan. Some of the factors that led to Greece having such a huge debt loan and its consequential default include:

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